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“Writing something down onto paper 
is your strongest point of focus.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 2-10-15]

I don’t know about you, but when I am writing something down, it is far more beneficial to me than just thinking the thought. I’ve known this for many years, and I’ve written several thousand pages of things down through my life. The act has a way of clarifying things, and it helps things that are just pieces of thoughts to be assembled into a larger picture. It helps me to grow and learn and expand.

Based on this, you might say that these Daily Inspirations are purely selfish in nature because they help me to collect and expand my thinking, and at the same time, offers a way of sending that out as a message for any who are wanting to receive it. And in turn, it seems that many find some benefit in that, perhaps even helping them clarify, grow and expand, which helps them to share, thereby benefiting others, and so it has now all around the world. And, it is all because it was written down. 

Have you ever sat down with pen and paper, or on your electronic paper, and write out what you want? Have you ever tried to write it as storytelling it with you as the leading character, and telling it the way you want things to be in your life? There is great value in this.

Have you ever sat down and written out your goals? Short term, mid and long term goals? A bucket list? Just a list of things you want to do someday? All of those are desires or wants. The more you want them, the more you will focus on them and the faster they will come about. The main thing about anything on any of these lists is to pay attention to how you feel when you think about them, focus on them, write them down. Because they are wants, you should have a good feeling when you write them out. In some cases, there are things you want more, so you will feel an even stronger positive emotion about them.

At the same time, if you are writing down something you want, and you are not sure you deserve it, or you have no idea how it will come, or you’re sick and tired of it not coming yet, or you think you will never have the money to do it, and any number of negative thoughts, you are working against your own desires and canceling them out before they even have a chance to come into manifestation.

One easy word that gives you a strong clue is the word ‘but.’ When you state something and then say, but. . . and fill in that blank, whatever you wanted is effectively canceled. More important than the canceling would be the fact that now you have set in motion the act of bringing more of that ‘but’ thinking and ‘but’ manifestations. “I want that, but I cannot afford it.” This is a common statement. What you wanted is immediately canceled, and you get more of the ‘but I cannot afford it’ in your life. Now there will be more things that you cannot afford, maybe even less money than you had before. You have to get your but out.

Also when you are writing these wants down, if there is a but in your thinking, you will be feeling negative emotion if you are paying attention. It might only start as discomfort, and it will often grow into disappointment, frustration, anger, powerlessness. The negative emotion is your Emotional Guidance System working on your behalf to let you know that you are helping grow more of what you do not want.

It’s time to change this. It’s time to change this NOW.

Start by writing what you want and if you feel but negatives going on, stop immediately and pivot by saying, ‘Well, I am seeing an issue here. What is causing this negative thought? That was how I used to think, and now I think differently. Today, I focus my energy and thoughts on what I WANT. I refuse to give any more energy to what I DO NOT WANT.

If you still have any issue, cross it off, erase it for now and move on, all the while realizing that you have just made massive progress by paying attention to how you feel, pivoting and focusing on what you DO WANT and what DOES cause you to feel good, and as you focus there, these things are on their way to you.

One Easy Way To Get The ‘But’ Out Is To Put The ‘And’ In. Using That One Word Automatically Causes You To Expand On The Want Rather Than Canceling It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–and feel how that feels to you. There is nothing like it.

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