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“Sales people should take lessons from their kids.
What does the word “no”
mean to a child?

— Jim

I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend a sales seminar that was packed to
overflowing put on by Grant Cardone. I was not familiar with Grant and this
particular seminar was about closing sales. He is very energetic and quite
skilled as well as an interesting guy. I enjoyed his presentation and
information very much, and got to see a few folks that I haven’t seen in quite
some time.
sat next to a young man who was in the car business for only three weeks. It
brought back memories of when I first began in that business in 1972. I think we
hit it off and I will communicate with him and offer to be of assistance if I
can, just because I can feel where he’s at.
I said, the large room was packed, and in my own experience of so many years of
training sales people, I know there will be maybe, just maybe a handful out of
that group that will take to heart the nourishing skill and wisdom that Grant
was giving with all his enthusiasm. That’s too bad and I would love to see it
changed, but that is the way things go so often. We get back to work, get busy,
got our life to live and all that stuff (or maybe it should be STUFF), and we
are so soon back into our routine and the seminar is a distant memory. Maybe the
words, ‘that’s good for him, but I can’t do that stuff,’ might even be
is, all that information and skill is always there and will always be there to
take hold of whenever we are ready. Most are not ready, but if even a couple of
people came away with a new design on their lives and career, I know it would be
so satisfying to Grant, as it would to me. I get it. And, in addition, I came
away with some excellent information for my businesses which I will be
implementing in the next few days. I got a renewing charge from the event and I
hope many others did as well. Thank you, Grant for taking the time and energy to
show up and give us your best. I appreciated it and bought his four books mainly
as a thank you, but I will be reading them for the value in them right
get so busy in my growing business that I forget to recharge with events like
this. It was a powerful reminder to schedule things like this to insure that I
get some different flavors and experiences from time to time. Of course,
attending a live seminar or training would be number one, but there is much to
be learned from books, audio and video. That I take full advantage of and share
with our team as well.
thing Grant said at the beginning of the meeting. He said that Leaders are
Readers. He explained that the average person in America reads one book or less
per year, but the average CEO reads 64. Whether those numbers are accurate or
not is not important because it is my own experience that the ratio is about

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