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“You do not HAVE to be angry
just because you have the right to be angry.”
— Phillip C McGraw

There is an emotional expectation that many people have of how one should feel under any given set of circumstances. For example, if someone does something to you that is not to your liking, they say it is right and justified to be angry and especially when that thing or act is something really not to your liking. Some of these may be:

  • Someone who pulls in front of you on the freeway is reason enough to be pissed off and give them a hand indication of your displeasure with their complete lack of courtesy and correctness. This causes you to be upset for many miles and if there is a passenger with you, you will talk it over with them for sympathetic verification of your rightedness in your anger. They will normally agree with you and that feels so much better than just experiencing it on your own. Right?
  • The payroll department made a mistake on your paycheck and it will take a couple of days to get it fixed. Who wouldn’t be pissed by that callous act? I mean, messing with your pay is the worst! Right? I mean, after all, it is just plain wrong and now you have to wait until Monday to get it fixed. It’s just one more reason that you don’t like working here and you just want to find a place that is to your liking and will not do these stupid things.
  • You had a big trash week. You put the trash receptacles out for pickup and the truck misses picking yours up. When you get home that night you see that the trash receptacle is full and now what are you going to do with the new trash all week. You can’t call them until tomorrow and it’s all so upsetting. Why can’t these people just do their jobs? Where is this country going to?

Well, these few examples of which were selected from millions of possible scenarios, are all so minor in the scheme of things, but one does not need major things to get pissed about. Much of the time, it is the minor things that drive us crazy. We have plenty of justification from TV news, newspapers, radio all talking about those wronged and how wronged they were and how everyone felt about how wronged they were and how they felt about how wronged they were and how the country has been pouring out sympathy of how wronged they were and it is just all wrong, you know? What is this country coming to?

To many people, if you are not pissed about these things and all the other wrongs that are constantly spreading throughout humanity, you are INSENSITIVE, DISCONNECTED, NOT FACING REALITY, IN YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD, THINKING ONLY OF YOURSELF, SELFISH, NUMB, NOT HUMAN, and a few hundred other lovely terms.

To that I say, things like that just seem to happen to people like you. . . go forth and be pissed! Have a nice day. Well. . . that’s a little harsh. How about I just ignore you? Talk to the hand.

We have choice. What a wonderful thing!

Happiness Management Beats Anger Management.

Spread Some Joy Today–There is a space between something happening and your response to it. That is a good place to take a nanosecond to ask yourself how you want to feel rather than how people think you should feel. They’re your feelings. You get to choose.

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