Daily Inspiration 7-26-11

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“The past is never dead,
it is not even past.”
— William Faulkner
This quote jumped off the page at me and I thought, well. . . that is so true, isn’t it? We carry our experiences with us at all times whether old or new and we are constantly sifting through memories as part of the process of living and making decisions today.
That old phrase, it is dead and gone is not true then. How could it be anything other than having a bit of time of not needing that memory as a buffer to the memory.
When people say they’ve made peace with their past, that must mean that they’ve accepted it as an experience as opposed to making use of denial.
Of course, once we get through all of that, it is just a memory that is part of the whole of us and without that part wouldn’t be us anymore. . .
Past, Present and Future Is Like Mind, Body and Spirit. They are all one.
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