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“There is no way to peace.
Peace is the

— A. J.

when I about to write one of the Daily Inspirations, I reflect on my day or last
few days and see if there is something significant that I learned worth sharing.
Since I’m open to learning many things each and every day, that process often
a different thought came to me. What is the single most important thing that I
have learned in my whole life. I thought that was an interesting question. I’ve
learned so much and especially in the last five years, that I could fill books
with it, but to single one thing out is most difficult.
it came to me that learning that I am totally in charge of whether I am happy or
not was a pretty big one. Most of my life I was looking for something that I
could achieve to get to that would create happiness and I found only of late
that this isn’t a good method and it hardly ever works. It creates more
frustration than happiness.
to just simply decide to be happy, that was a very powerful change in me. But,
as good as that was, it was not quite there. Then I remembered the quote above
and it might be more aptly expressed this way:
is no way to __________. _________ is the way. There is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way. It is not something that can be caught, or something on
the outside, but something we become, or allow from within.
is no way to joy. Joy is the way. There is nothing that creates joy except and
allowing of it to freely flow from within. So often it is just stifled and kept
under wraps. We may think that certain things need to be aligned for it to be,
but it is way easier. Joy is the way.
is the same with peace which is several steps beyond happiness and even joy. To
be at peace is to be at one with God to me. It’s an atonement, or at-one-ment.
And, it is something not found, but to become one with.
practical way this happens is looking for better feeling thoughts continually. I
have learned no other method that works consistently as this.
my learning is far from over, I would have to say that the most important thing
that I have learned is that there is no way to _______. _________ is the

Fill In The Blanks For Yourself.

Spread Some Joy Today–Sing. . . Ooo, eee, ooo, ahh-ahh. Ting, tang,
walla-walla, bing bang. . . .

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