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“I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal–and soon they’ll forget my number.”
— Edith Armstrong
Awareness is a wonderful thing!
Once I became aware that I was attracting what I was thinking about, and especially those that had strong emotion attached, I began to pay more attention to what I was thinking and saying and listening to. As I paid more attention, I would be in a small group where things were being discussed that I no longer wanted in my life, so I would excuse myself and get away from that. It has made a dramatic difference.
I love Edith Armstrong’s quote because I could relate to the doubt, anxiety and fear that used to call me quite often and that automatically meant that peace, harmony, health, love and abundance was not able to get through. I was so busy lamenting the circumstances–the “reality” of the moment–that I could scarcely think of anything else. And I had plenty of it and extra to share with others too.
Now I consciously focus on peace, harmony, health, love and abundance and as I do, I get more of it and while I am paying attention to these, the doubt, anxiety and fear cannot get through, and though they do try and I hear the call waiting signal, I am working on putting them on permanent ignore and eventually I know they will stop calling.
Awareness and decision are wonderful things.
Peace, Harmony, Health, Love and Abundance Rule.
Spread Some Joy Today–Know someone who is sick? Focus on their health, not their sickness. Know someone who is poor? Focus on their prosperity, not their lack. Just because people talk about a subject doesn’t mean you need to participate. They probably rarely talk about Peace, Harmony, Health, Love and Abundance–at least that has been my experience. But–YOU CAN!
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