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“Nothing tastes as good 
as looking good feels.” 

— Anthony Robbins 

Over a week ago, I saw this magical quote above. It settled into my brain, and has so far yet to leave. I think that for anyone who loves food and is also not liking their weight or shape, this quote might help. It is helping me.

It is helping me to think of how I look differently. Actually, it is more about how I feel about how I look, and really, that is the whole of it in a nutshell–how I feel versus how I want to feel.

I also know, that when how I want to feel becomes the dominant theme in my thoughts, how I feel will change without effort. When you don’t care, it doesn’t matter. When you care, it matters.

This year for me has been a number of subtle changes. I’m fascinated by the changes and more importantly, how I feel about the changes. I’m not a slob, as they say, but many people might have thought so because I didn’t care so much. It’s not about what others think of me that has the power, it is about what I think about me that is more powerful, and even far more powerful than this is how I feel and what I think about how I feel. Does that make sense?

I’ll highlight just a few of the changes. I’ve hired a house cleaning service every two weeks. I hired a gardener/doing-all-manner-of-things guy to come every two weeks. How does that make me feel? I feel rich. I feel pampered. I feel good. I love it. I enjoy the house dusted because I almost never got around to that, nor cared so much about it. All of a sudden, or so it seems all of a sudden, I care about things that I didn’t much care about before.

To say I didn’t much care is not as accurate as I would like. What I really mean is that it wasn’t important to me, and I was okay with the way it was generally. Only once in a while did I even notice. Now it seems that it is more important to me, and so it has a whole different priority.

There’s been many things around the house that have been repaired, cleaned up, changed. I’d like to take credit, but it is all due to my step-daughter, Alisa, who has inspired me. She likes everything in its place, and it didn’t matter to me. She likes a clean kitchen, and mine saw that once in a while. She likes to have lots of plants and flowers in the yard, in all manner of pots and containers, I like that but made no efforts.

When she came to stay here for a while, and wanted to make changes, I said for her to have at it as she desired. And guess what? I sort of liked the new look. Then I began to appreciate all those changes, then I got involved, renovated the front yard and more. Then I found myself picking up after myself, doing the dishes more often, and becoming more interested. I began to care. It began to matter to me.

Now, I’m about ready to address one of the things that I’ve been most uncaring about of late–my weight and shape. For the majority of my life, I was tall and thin and now the first part is still true, but the latter is not so true. I’ve enjoyed the flavors very much. If it tastes good, more of it will taste better, right? Not. But, the thing that really stands out for me is how I feel about how I look. I’m entering the caring-how-I-look-to-myself corridor and about to walk the distance.

The quote above has inspired me. I can’t get it out of my head. I printed it out and it is now on my wall in big letters. It tells me that tasting good is good, and looking good is good, and it causes me to consider how tasting good and looking good feels to me. I don’t feel like I’m looking so good where I am now, and I have always loved feeling that I look good–especially when I look in my own mirror. So my journey begins in this change of venue because I want to refocus on what looking good feels like. And my success won’t be measured in pounds, but in emotional delight.

Caring More About How I Feel Leads Me To Positive Change Because How I Feel Leads My Life. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying yourself more fully today. Take nothing for granted. Celebrate everything as if it is all a miracle. Because it is.

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