Daily Inspiration 7-24-12

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“Surround yourself with the best people
you can find, delegate
and don’t interfere as long
as the policy
you’ve decided upon is
being carried out.”

— Ronald

love this quote from Ronald Reagan. I absolutely adhere to it as best I can. I
am not a micro-manager unlike some of those I’ve worked with, although I have a
small tendency to hang on to jobs a bit longer than I could, so I’m working more
and more on the delegating part. This I do know for sure and for certain: There
is no way I can do it all myself–no way, no how. Based on that, it’s all a team

I Love My Job. I Love What I Do. I Love My

Spread Some Joy Today–Do what you do today with all your heart and soul.
What a difference you make.
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