Daily Inspiration 7-24-11

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“You must give to get.
You must sow the seed,
before you can reap the harvest.”
— Scott Reed
I love how this quote puts giving and sowing a seed in the same short statement. We think we know all about the sowing of the seed and interpret that as effort invested in order to reap the benefit, as in prospecting for a sale where you have to go talk to someone before any sale can be made. But. when I think about it the way this quote frames it, I think it is as much thought or intention as anything related to physical effort.
We sow seeds with our attitude. That’s thought. Like attracts like. We sow seeds with our intentions, which I relate more to our vision of our desire turned into an affirmation. We sow seeds with our giving and our joy and we get like in return. And, it all starts with the giving of the seed. . . Yes. I like how that is phrased–the giving of the seed, as opposed to the sowing of the seed without the giving being involved.
So what are we giving out in the way of seeds? If we give out corn, we will get corn in return, often multiplied. We don’t give out corn seeds and grow tomatoes.
Very Interesting. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–when someone offers to pay, say thank you. Let them experience the joy and allow yourself to do the same. Go with the flow. . .
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