Daily Inspiration 7-23-10

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“Everyone wants to be appreciated,
so if you appreciate someone,
don’t keep it a secret.”
— Mary Kay Ash
Isn’t this so, so true. We all want to be appreciated, from people we know and even people we have yet to know. It is so rare and special when someone is relaxed enough to say something to us and I am sure we all feel that there needs to be more relaxed people in the world.
So, I let it start with me.
I now find myself appreciating so many things about people whether they just look sharp or they are especially kind, or any number of seemingly little things. It is always interesting to see the brighter face after I relaxed and said something that I appreciated about them. And you know, that glow must be contagious, because I seem to feel a glow in me at almost the same time. What a strange and wonderful coincidence!
You Just Look Like You’re On Top Of The World Today! I Can Feel Your Joy!
Spread Some Joy Today–Okay. You have a goal. Write it down. You must give five (5) sincere compliments today to people you know or don’t yet know. Pay attention during this exercise!
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