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“Whatever it takes 
to stay inspired 
is worth it.”
— Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 2-3-15]

I used to call what happened today a bad day, or at least a bad afternoon. But, I have these feelings so rarely now that I just call it a bit of contrast toward my only goal of feeling good. As Alan Cohen says, “Whatever it takes to stay inspired is worth it.” I agree totally.

I had an issue with a client’s employee today, and nothing I said was received in the way it was intended to be transmitted. The harder I tried, the worse it got. Ever had that feeling? I wasn’t taking their problem seriously was the claim, but of course, that is absolutely not true. It’s just that I know my business and she doesn’t, but that wouldn’t fly either. Still, I endeavored to do the best I could. 

What it comes down to is that I can only control what I send, but it is impossible for me to control how it is received. There were a lot of non-control frustrations going on. But, it was more than her, there were more things coming until late in the afternoon at the gas pump in the commuter rush hour, I just started laughing. It’s all so silly, isn’t it? At least I was thinking that.

This caused me to remember a quote I recently received. It helps to put all our problems in perspective:

“In being with dying, we arrive at a natural crucible of what it means to love and be loved. And we can ask ourselves this: Knowing that death is inevitable, what is most precious today?” — Roshi Joan Halifax. And I’ll add another from Alan Cohen: “If you are going to commit to anything, commit to happiness.” I agree totally.

So, after the gas pump, I came home unpacked my load, lit some candles, turned on the stereo with some favorite music and poured a favorite drink and chilled very quickly into that peaceful place of no cares, worries or complaint.

The good news is that afternoons like this happen so rarely now that I laugh just because of that joy. The more good news is that it really doesn’t matter nearly as much as some people think it does. I have to follow my own guidance in that and take the other being upset as not really anything I have much control over. They can choose happiness, or whatever they like.

I feel that I have arrived at a place that an Abraham quote said so well: “When you are comfortable on your path, it doesn’t matter where it leads.” I love that. I feel that. I am comfortable on my path. A little contrast here and there is a given, but I focus not there, but on the comfort.

I Am Wishing That All Of Your Frustrations Evaporate As Easily And Thoroughly. Peace. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by remembering that you and only you–yes! you and only you, have total control over what you want. Want joy? Let’s all say, YES!

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