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“Experience is an asset of which
no worker can be cheated,
no matter how selfish or greedy
his immediate employer may be.”
— Napoleon Hill
I think that sometimes we think of working for an employer as if we are selling our experience to them, or renting our experience, expertise to them for a fee. In other words, that we come to the table with skills and experience that we trade for dollars, thereby benefiting the employer and receiving a reward for our efforts.
When I’m paying attention, I am always thinking of working for an employer as gaining in valuable and long-term experience and getting paid to get it.
I’ve often thought of each place I’ve worked as if I’m loading up a bag filling with experience and knowledge, that whenever I end up leaving, I get to take that bag of accumulated and enhanced experience with me. I’ve had the privilege of doing all kinds of different things and have been in the position of spending of millions of dollars on behalf of an employer as well as generating millions of dollars in income. Each of these experiences has added to the next and created a larger, more knowledgeable and more functional self. At the end of that particular journey, I was then able to take all of that with me, having been paid to learn and grow and do.
Each of the worthy positions I’ve accepted, I’ve spent extra curricular activity learning more about the job and how to be good at it. That too, has been a huge benefit and carried in my bag of knowledge and experience. It wasn’t unpaid time spent, but valuable time invested, which not only enhanced my performance on the job, but expanded me and has made me more valuable at the same time.
I am seriously grateful as I look back on each and every employer who gave me the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge and gave me money and benefits at the same time. Where ever I may have disagreed, my gratitude for the opportunity makes that insignificant in the journey. And, I have found out later that even the disagreements created gains.
And, it is now my clients who allow me to learn and grow and become and practice, using all I have brought with me and adding more at the same time. I am grateful to each and every client for whatever term they remain for the opportunity to serve and get this growing massive benefit called experience.
Thank You To All My Benefactors In Business!
Spread Some Joy Today–How we look at things has everything to do with what we see and how we feel. Choose joy today. Start with a thankful heart and let it flow out of you.
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