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“Deliberately guiding your thoughts
is the key to a joyful life, 
but a desire to feel joy
is the best plan of all. . . 
because in the reaching for joy, 
you find the thoughts that attract 
the wonderful life you desire.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 1-31-15]

Success is one of those strange single word topics that has trillions of words written about it, and it is also true that everyone individually defines it for themselves, even if they choose to use someone else’s definition as their basis.

One of my favorite books I’ve ever read in my life is, Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald G Jampolsky. I’ve mentioned it many times because it is a very simple, short, concise book for people of any age to use as a common-sense guide for a happier life. In the book, Gerald talks about goals and rather than trying to juggle personal goals, business goals, and all manner of other goals, that it would be more productive and more effective to focus on just one goal that will help all the others to fall in place. He said that was the goal of peace of mind. Peace of mind is way beyond contentment. It is at the highest level of positive emotion.

In the reading of, The Law Of Attraction by Jerry & Esther Hicks, there is something identical, yet using a different word. On page 71, Jerry asks, “What do you see as success? What would you say is the mark of success?” Here is Abraham’s answer:

“The achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success, whether it is a trophy, money, relationships, or things. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy, everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.

You cannot feel joy while you are focusing upon something not wanted, or the lack of something wanted; therefore, while you are feeling joy, you will never be in the state of contradicted vibration. And only the contradiction in your own thoughts and vibration can keep you from the things you desire.

. . . By paying attention to [your] Emotional Guidance System, and by reaching for the best-feeling thought that you can find right now from wherever you are, you will allow your broader perspective to help you move in the direction of the things that you truly want.”

Peace of mind. Joy. Knowledge. Love. Freedom. Empowerment. Appreciation. All are at the top of the emotional scale, and what better place to aim for than this. The more joy I find in my life, or rather, it is better to put this way: the more joy I allow in my life, the more everything else follows suit.

I Am Practicing Until It Becomes Habitual. Yet The Joy Along The Way Is More Than Enough. 

Spread Some Joy Today–It takes one to know one. It takes joy to spread joy.

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