Daily Inspiration 7-20-14

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“The only man I know 
who behaves sensibly is my tailor; 
he takes my measurements anew
each time he sees me. 
The rest go on with their old measurements 
and expect me to fit them.” 

— George Bernard Shaw 

Often we may not realize how much people change unless we periodically see a child at two and then four and then six and ten. How easy it is to see how they change physically from that perspective. Yet, we are all constantly changing, rearranging, becoming, modifying beliefs, maturing or not, and of course, adults change physically plenty though it may not show nearly so easily as in the child.

It’s good to catch up and see how things are now. We know that we are changing, and we may assume others are not because we may not be around them much. They are.

Time to measure anew.

Also, Time To Accept, Love And Appreciate Anew. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by putting down the rope every time you feel that you have picked it back up. Joy is always letting go.

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