Daily Inspiration 7-20-11

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“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else.
It will spread into your work and into your life.
There are no limits. There are only plateaus,
and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
— Bruce Lee
I was thinking about limits and abundance and how many of us put arbitrary limits on abundance, which is funny, because abundance means no limits, yet we do it anyway. We talk about the abundance of things in the United States and at the same time talk of the limits of those things, and we do this in numerous ways.
So, it can’t be both, can it? I think not. So, then, what we really mean is not abundance but plenty. Now, plenty is limited. It looks like a lot right now, but it isn’t an unending supply, whereas abundance means an unending supply. I know it might seem like splitting hairs, but I do have a reason and point. . .
We do this same thing with love. We have plenty of love, but not really an abundance, for if it were an abundance, it would be pointless to limit our love. There would be unending possibilities and freedom.
It’s also the same with joy. We think of joy as a temporary, even rare thing that comes from some sort of stimulus; e.g., something good happened, got a raise, a promotion, the baby was born, etc. But that’s not joy but elation, which is limited. Joy isn’t limited, though we think of it that way.
Now, try thinking about joy and love as being in unending abundance, as if there are no limitations to the amount of joy or love you can give or receive, express or feel. Think about a black belt in martial arts having 10 degrees. All are black belts, but all are not the same. Now think of love and joy having unlimited degrees. Just think of the levels of joy and love that you could possible attain and look what you have to look forward to. No matter how much joy you have now or have ever had in your life, there is so much more joy available to experience.
Once I realized this, I can and am joyous every day in one or a thousand ways. There is no need for it to end. It just changes. Maybe joy, level 11, then joy, level 34, then joy, level 1. Who knows what will happen when you get to level 100–or how about level 500?
It Seems That Limits Are Always Self-Imposed.
Spread Some Joy Today–How about spreading some level 14 today? That ought to shake things up a bit. . . pull out the stops and go for it!
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