Daily Inspiration 7-20-10

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“People are disturbed not by things,
but by the view they take of them.”
— Epictetus c200 AD
For at least 2,000 years of recorded history, it has been known and stated by wise people how we create our own ills, fashion our own history, choose our own destiny. All of it is fashioned not in what goes on around us or to us, but what goes on about those things within us.
Fundemental wisdom doesn’t need to change. It works.
Here I Am Again Reacting To A Has Been.
Spread Some Joy Today–Leave the has been’s be. They are of no real value. Leave also the would be’s and should be’s and ought to’s. Let them join the has beens and they can all be miserable with each other. It’s a good place for them to be.
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