Daily Inspiration 7-2-11

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“Being miserable is a habit;
being happy is a habit;
and the choice is yours.”
— Tom Hopkins
I was reminded about how easily some people become angry and then unhappy or disgruntled. I just happened to be walking past someone getting out of their car and seeing a few cigarette butts and then going on and on about it, how wrong it is, etc. until I was out of sound range. It was an absolutely gloriously beautiful day and the list of things to be thankful for was very long for me, but this lady had none. It’s sad, and it is a personal choice. She gets something out of that, and frankly, she’s welcome to it.
Then another person was going on about the rules some folks nearby were breaking–you know the ones, like not coming to a complete and dead stop at a stop sign in the middle of the night and 100% visibility and zero traffic in sight. Or, it could be equally over compensating responses to something someone else is doing that is upsetting this person. It’s sad, and it is a personal choice. They get something out of that, and frankly, they can have all of it they want.
I chose to keep moving away from them so they could enjoy it on their own. They deserve to have it all for themselves. This has become my habit. I just smile and walk away. I’m just so grateful that isn’t my voice anymore.
Now that I think about habit, my behavior of looking for things to appreciate where ever I am regardless of the circumstances has become such a habit that I just do it without really thinking about it anymore. That is so satisfying.
Spread Some Joy Today–Appreciation is the best, fastest, easiest way to joy. Just decide to and begin immediately to appreciate everything you can where ever you are.
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