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“Validation is overrated.”
— Seth Godin
I subscribe to a number of daily emails meant to instruct and uplift me. I always get something out of them and once in a while one is just so perfect. This is the case with Seth Godin’s Blog post that was delivered to me via email on Sunday, June 27th.
I cannot add anything worthwhile to this, so I quote it in its entirety here:
“Validation is Overrated”

“If you’re waiting for a boss or an editor or a college to tell you that you do good work, you’re handing over too much power to someone who doesn’t care nearly as much as you do.

We spend a lot of time organizing and then waiting for the system to pick us, approve of us and give us permission to do our work.

Feedback is important, selling is important, getting the market to recognize your offering and make a sale–all important. But there’s a difference between achieving your goals and realizing your work matters.

If you have a book to write, write it. If you want to record an album, record it. No need to wait for someone in a cubicle halfway across the country to decide if you’re worthy.”
Quote by Seth Godin from Seth Godin’s Blog:
I Do It Because I Feel Like Doing It and Want To Do It and That Is Plenty Reason To Do It.
Spread Some Joy Today–What do you want to do that you’ve been putting off for a lot of unimportant reasons? Do it anyway! It will feel great to just cross it off the list if for no other reason. You’ll sleep better too.
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