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“What monstrous absurdities and paradoxes 
have resisted whole batteries of serious arguments, 
and then crumbled swiftly into dust 
before the ringing death-knell of a laugh!” 
— Agnes Repplier 

[Classic post from 1-30-15]

I’ll never forget a short scene from the movie, Arthur, where Dudley Moore who played Arthur, is in the backseat of his limo with a female companion and they’re both having a drink, and he all of a sudden bursts out in joyous laughter. The woman asks what that was all about and Arthur says, “Sometimes I just think funny things.”

I’m not sure what has changed in me, but I find myself doing the same thing quite often throughout the day. I see something and it fills me with joy and I start laughing. I think it is just a build-up of my practicing my own deliberate creation of what I want throughout the day, and it is getting easier and easier.

Today started out that way. I’m typing on my computer, and all of a sudden my dog Charlie starts barking at me one bark at a time. I look over and he’s staring at me. It’s just too dang cute, so I laugh. He barks some more. He wants attention, love, petting, touching. I know this and love the fact that he has no problem saying what he wants, so I go over while laughing and give him some love, talking to him.

We go for a walk and across the busy street, there is a little dog yapping at us with his or her nose sticking out of a hole in the fence. It’s just too dang cute, so I start laughing and telling that dog that we’re coming for a visit. So, we cross the street and let them meet each other.

I’m stopped at the railroad crossing watching this freight train going 50-60 miles per hour go by and we’re right at the crossing gate. It is all double-stacked containers on container cars. It must be five miles long. We’re there for several minutes as it keeps coming and coming and coming. I’m laughing the whole way through. It was fantastic.

Now, it’s true, most people wouldn’t think any of this is funny, but it is just my joy leaking out. The washer in my joy faucet is allowing more and larger leaks. I don’t have the time nor inclination to fix it. I’m enjoying it too much.

I see an ambulance ahead on the other side of the road coming toward us. I’m thinking, they are just turning on the lights and sirens to get to the lunch place without traffic! There isn’t an emergency. They’re just bored. So, I start laughing. Then I have a huge thought:

If you think that last elongated recession was big, it would not be a tick on a prize bull if all the people in the world began experiencing Well-Being. Just take a moment to imagine how many industries, businesses, products, services, and more are related directly and indirectly to the lack of Well-Being, commonly called dis-ease. This would be an unmistakable blip on the EKG of the entire history of human-kind. There would also be such a rush toward new businesses, positions, products, industries, and services that focused on more Well-Being. It would be flippin’ amazing. So I’m laughing through that whole thought process and getting a rush of my own imagining everyone going around in total bliss!

Whatever has changed in me in the last many months, I eagerly look with excited anticipation of more of this because it is so empowering and feels so good. Laughter is only a symptom of a specific train of thought. I’m loving my thinking of late. If I could bottle it, I’d be a zillionaire (or is that gazillionaire?) If I could wish something for you, it would be some of this!

“When People Are Laughing, They’re Generally Not Killing Each Other.” — Alan Alda 

Spread Some Joy Today–and laughter is one of the better ways of spreading it.

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