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“We read the world wrong
and say that it deceives us.”

— Rabindranath Tagore

Here’s a very personal post on the continuing theme of honoring ourselves. But, before I begin, take another look at the quote above, and consider changing the word ‘world’ to ‘ourselves,’ or we could get more specific and say, ‘our feelings,’ or ‘our thoughts.’

Two days ago, I made what was a big announcement to me on Facebook. In fact, this had everything to do with this theme of honoring ourselves, and expressing many of these points for the last week or so has changed me in that I am sort of coming out of hiding in a way, or no longer allowing the deception that I’ve so often allowed in me.

Here is the text I posted on July 17th on Facebook:

“On July 8th, I made the biggest decision of my life and have adopted the idea of eating vegan. I watched the movie on Netflix, What the Health, and immediately decided to do this. I’ve watched five or six of this kind of movies over the last several years and did nothing, and yet this time was the tipping point. It is a very personal decision and so I am not necessarily promoting this to get anyone to go down this road, but simply to share a very impactful event in my life.
Today is day 9 on my journey and I have discovered and delighted in quite a number of things. One is that I’ve lost nearly a pound a day. Another, my salt consumption has dropped by at least 75%, I feel better, and I feel different, and I am liking that feeling. I used to eat meat at virtually every meal and have not missed it at all. I thought that I would but have not. I’m not trying to find things to replace meat, but different things instead. The most delightful thing I have found is the flavor. I am in heaven with all the flavors that I’ve found. I no longer feel heavy after a meal. 

This all came like a perfect storm of things coming together that made making this decision so easy and I was instantly committed to it, not testing it. I don’t need to test it. And, it isn’t about nutrition or losing weight. The main decision for me was to live up to my highest values and stop supporting things by turning my head and looking away. I am not one to push against things because I know that this is pointless, but for me to continue to support things that I do not value as I look at them, then I have not been living true to myself. 

Once I realized that I am not distinct from the landscape I inhabit and that I can be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem, I realized that I had to make a choice and quit ignoring the situation. This is the main criterion for decision for me, and all the other things that come along with that choice is a wonderful bonus.”

I mentioned this change in the July 10th post without being specific. It’s still amazing how Victor Hugo’s statement that “there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” and how fast a change can come when that time has arrived.

I share this here not to promote veganism. That is a very personal choice as I stated on Facebook, but this wasn’t about food, nutrition, health, or even change. It was about honoring myself, honoring my values, honoring the planet. It’s so easy to look away. It is so easy to ignore. It is so easy to expect others to do it. It is so easy to throw money at things instead of actually doing something.

I don’t mean protesting. Generally, that is not time well spent; however, what is well spent is honoring what you feel is good in you, what you know to be true about you inside. It’s not conscience. Conscience often just becomes guilt. No. It is about honoring myself. And, as I’ve stated over and over again, as we honor ourselves, we honor all those around us, indeed, the entire world.

It doesn’t matter that you would choose differently. I chose differently for 67 years. Everyone gets to choose, and I cannot be the one to suggest you do anything you are not aligned with already. Do as your own inner knowing directs and you cannot miss.

For me, this choice was about one thing only: opening up to honoring myself. It is the most liberating experience of my life to date. And, delightfully, I eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this new life.

If I get the privilege of influencing you, I only wish to influence you into honoring yourself, loving yourself, being in alignment with your inner knowing. Whatever choices you make from that place is sheer perfection.

Injoy Your Own Unfolding! You Are Loved.  

Spread Some Joy Today–by breathing deeply and as you exhale, imagine letting go of all that you are carrying around with you. Just let it go. You can pick it back up later if you want, but right now, breathe and let it go. Can you feel that joy? If you can feel it, you are automatically spreading it, just as you honor yourself, you honor all others and their own right to choose as they will. This is love.

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