Daily Inspiration 7-19-10

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“When you develop your ability to balance your emotions,
unexpected problems won’t knock you off balance as easily,
and you’ll return more quickly to a positive outlook.”

— Peggy McColl

I am so very glad to know what this means now. Just in the last couple of days, I have had several issues come up that would have normally upset me and had me complaining, bemoaning the circumstances and sharing that negative energy with whomever would listen to me. As it is now, I just responded to the issue by dealing with it as a matter of fact and getting it done in the most efficient manner possible. All the while, I maintained my positive outlook, even trying to be thankful for the problem to help me see the benefit involved. This is a huge success for me and a real joy to be able to avoid being upset for the day, or days, or even sometimes weeks.

Here’s a good phrase: It is what it is. Deal with it in the best way you can.

It’s just a bump in the road.
I’ve got independent suspension so I can take those bumps with ease.

Being Upset Never Helped Me Solve A Problem.

Spread Some Joy Today–Here’s an idea. Practice not reacting, or reacting with pleasure next time something “goes wrong.” It might be fun.

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