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“What is the difference
wanting and needing? 
How it feels.” 
— Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 1-26-15]

I have often confused wanting and needing, and I have learned how to tell the difference by how each of them feels and I learned this from the Teachings of Abraham:

“When you want something and are thinking about how wonderful it will be to have it, your current emotion feels good because your current thought is a Vibrational Match to your true desire. But when you want something but are currently thinking about not having it, about the absence or lack of it, your current emotion feels bad because your current thought is a Vibrational mismatch to your true desire.”

They continue: “The difference between wanting and needing is not just speaking different words. A pure state of desire or wanting always feels good because you are a Vibrational Match to what is in your own Vibrational Reality. A state of need always feels bad because you are a Vibrational Match to the absence of your desire and are therefore a mismatch to your Vibrational Reality.”

Even though this explanation resonates perfectly with me and I understand it well, I don’t even really need to understand it if I will pay attention to how I am feeling. Our own internal Emotional Guidance System is simply the best tool I’ve ever had, where I know that if I am feeling negative emotion that I am off track, and, if I am feeling positive emotion, I can feel that I am on track.

I like to call it being in alignment, or resonating. It makes perfect sense to me.

Any musician should understand resonance. For many years, I used a simple tone generator to tune my guitar. It would generate a tone for the E-string for example and I would turn the tuning machine until the string sound and the tone generator matched. It isn’t just something that you hear. It is something that you can feel. The old way was using an A-note tuning fork which vibrated at 440 Hertz, as I tuned the A-string on the guitar, I could feel it as the vibrations were the same. The guitar string resonated with the tuning fork. Even being off the slightest amount makes a difference and is dissonant, not resonating, out of tune. It isn’t a matching vibration. Most good tuners now use lights, green in the middle and red lights on either side of the perfect resonance place or the in-tune place.

It is exactly the same inside me. My inner being, inner knowing, higher self, or whatever label you choose, is my tuning fork, or my tone generator. Whatever thought I am thinking will resonate with or not resonate with my inner being. When it resonates, I feel positive emotion, or you could say, I’m in tune with my higher self. When I feel bad or any negative emotion, I am dissonant, out of harmony with myself, not resonating, out of alignment. When I am aligned, I feel good, when I am out of alignment, I do not feel good.

My Tuner Is Built In And I Have Grown Quite Fond Of The Value Of Resonance And Alignment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–You’ll know it when you feel it. It resonates very positively.

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