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Special Note To CTS Daily Inspiration Readers:

First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader and thank you for all the wonderful comments that I’ve received over the last four years.

It has been suggested by many people that I create a book out of the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had mixed feelings about this. As people have continued to make the suggestion of the book, I had an idea that I think would make this an interesting and unique book. If many of you who are readers, have been touched by one or more of the inspirational messages, wrote about what inspirations inspired you, encouraged change and growth and generally how they affected you in a positive uplifting way, I would gather these into what I think would be an interesting and powerful book. If you are interested, please send them to me in an email to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com. I will include this message for about one month so that all can see it. Feel free to send as many as you like and I will keep you posted on the progress of this idea.

“Whenever you become anxious or stressed,

outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight

of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that

your state of consciousness is primary,

all else secondary.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Frustration and anger are like bar-buddies. They love to hang out together and share stories that come to no avail, nor resolution. Much of my life was cluttered with frustration and anger and I used to talk about it a lot to whomever would listen and it never helped at all. Expressing the anger didn’t help and sharing it didn’t help.

In my later, more enlightened life, I have learned to stand back, so to speak, and look at the fact that I am experiencing anger or frustration and react less, while moving to a better feeling thought. After all, anger, frustration and such are just thoughts. That’s all they are. They can turn into physical expressions, but in the end, they are just thoughts. Seeking a better feeling thought, even in tiny steps, is the only resolution that has good results.

I know this now, and yet, from time to time, I am challenged to have it be more a part of my life. I want to automatically choose better feeling thoughts all the time, and most of the time I do just that. However, I will react physically once in a while and I don’t want that, so I have to keep paying attention and bless the experience so to speak, while moving toward better, more productive thoughts.

It is all about practice for me now. I am beginning to find that when something upsets me now, it is an indication that I have not fully adapted my desire of peace, so I am challenged to practice some more. And, as a result, I am finding that each of these instances of challenge have become blessings as a result. Isn’t that interesting? I find it fascinating.

I had one of these episodes yesterday and it caused me to renew my desire to ‘love my way through’ using better feeling thoughts until I was relieved. Relief is a magical place I only recently found, and it was worth the journey.

“One Thing We Do Know: Life Will Give You Whatever Experience Is Most Helpful For The Evolution Of Your Consciousness. How Do You Know This Is The Experience You Need? Because This Is The Experience You Are Having At This Moment.” — Eckhart Tolle

Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that you have total control always when you are aware that you have it. Once realized, you can never go back. That is some serious joy!

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