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“If only God would give me some clear sign!
Like making a large deposit
in my name at a Swiss Bank.”

— Woody

was looking at some quotes and two of them got my attention immediately. The
first is the one above by Woody Allen, and the second is by Walt Disney, when he
said, “people still think of me as a cartoonist, but the only thing I lift a pen
or pencil for these days is to sign a contract, a check, or an autograph.”
just funny to me how seeing a quote causes me to think certain things. Sometimes
they seem directly related and other times not, but they are always the
inspiration for the thought.
the thoughts that came to me after reading these quotes were this:
7 years ago or so, I was waiting for the company I worked for to build a decent
website that could be used as a tool. It wasn’t happening. Then, I was wishing
for someone to come along to get that job done for me–you know, save the day
and make it so I didn’t have to get involved and learn anything new that was
obviously too hard for me to learn. Didn’t happen.
two years of wishing and hoping, I finally asked myself two of my favorite
questions. 1. What am I really afraid of? and, 2. What is the worst thing that
could happen? My answer was that I was afraid that I didn’t know enough, that
the Internet was scary and mysterious, and of course, the second answer was the
typical, I might fail miserably, look foolish and waste my time and/or money.
Based on the growing strong need to do something, the fact that no one was going
to do it that I could see, I said, “screw it! I’m giving it a shot.” So I did. I
built my first website, Commercial Truck Success in late 2007 and now have a
company that has put together a couple hundred sites.
moral? Sometimes it takes a pile of frustration to create pressure to encourage
us to make a decision and bust a move. Once we move, the log jam is broken, the
pressure is released and a new horizon is before us. What a wonderful
opportunity and can even be life changing as it was for me.
it’s not clear how the quotes came to play out these thoughts, but the Woody
Allen quote was me waiting around for someone to save the day, take care of me
without any effort on my part. Doesn’t seem to be the way God works, and it
certainly wasn’t happening that way for me.
Walt Disney quote caused me to think about the distance between where that
decision point was and where I am now and where I am going. Unlike Walt Disney
at the time of him saying that, I still do some of the grunt work, but it is not
work to me. But, I have gone from doing all the work to signing checks for
people we found who do, and it is growing and growing from there. I can now FEEL
how that feels and it is such fun and joy that I can hardly contain

It IS and HAS BEEN Clearer And Clearer Signs! And, God IS Doing The
Heaviest Work. Thank God!

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