Daily Inspiration 7-18-11

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“Success is a state of mind.
If you want success,
start thinking of yourself
as a success.”
— Joyce Brothers
The two most powerful words in the world are, I Am. What follows them is meant to be.
I was listening to someone the other day talking about a book about the 8 secrets to success or some such, and the other person said, “I don’t need to read that because I already know what it takes to succeed. I am already a success!” I thought, wow, right on! There is such power in the “I am,” and what comes after it.
Sometimes people put unserving things after “I am,” such as, “not smart enough, too old, not good enough, not rich,” etc., and these statements are also meant to be. We get to choose what we think about ourselves, opportunities, relationships, environment, our lives. That, more than anything else, is the directive and blueprint by which our lives unfold.
When we recognize this fact, it makes such sense to begin talking out loud and to ourselves in a different, more serving way to create better results and a better life.
Some people think that success requires a certain amount of money, results or fame. If that is the case, then every one will judge that differently. And they do. So, the only real judgement that matters is our own and how strongly we feel about that. To say “I am a success!” is powerful and clear. Let those who may disagree, just disagree, but let no one mistake your own judgement!
Convincing Yourself Is The Most Important Endeavor.
Spread Some Joy Today–When you find a parking space up front, drive past and let someone else have it. It is really fun and rewarding. It is especially good when someone is right behind you.
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