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“Often, the most powerful 
stories we tell ourselves 
are the stories of what we think 
other people are thinking about us.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

That quote probably sums up part of our collective trauma, with another large portion devoted to what we think about what has gone before. A great question would be, how does that feel? If it feels good, that would be called ease, or health, and if it feels off, ugly, or tormenting, that would be called dis-ease, or illness.

The gist of it though is the attempt to accept responsibility for what others may be thinking, and also what we are choosing to focus on.

For July 14th on my Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar by Abraham, Esther Hicks, this beautiful and telling statement summarizes the effects:

“When you remember an incident from a past experience, you are focusing Energy. When you are imagining something that may occur in your future, you are also focusing Energy. And, of course, when you are observing something in your now, you are focusing Energy. It makes no difference whether you are focusing on the past, present, or future. . . you are still focusing Energy–and your point of attention, or focus, is causing you to offer a vibration that is your point of attraction.” 

As we look into our past memories of events and interactions with people, we get to choose what in that we will focus upon. As we look around our neighborhood, our city, state, country, and world, we get to choose what aspects of those environments and events we will give our Energy to. As we look into our potential, another word for future, we choose again. It’s all our point of view, or as Abraham says, “our point of attention, and point of attraction.”

Plus, whatever we have chosen to focus on before can be changed in any given moment, and as we feel how those thoughts are feeling, we can choose better feeling thoughts. To some the future will be much as it has been in the past and present, and to others it is a brave new world full of interest, passion, excitement, flowing with change, creating change, loving change.

We have the power and the full control of how we see ourselves in our past, present and future. That would be accepting our own responsibility for what is and what is being created. By allowing others to think as they will, accepting no responsibility in their thinking, we can free up a lot of Energy to focus on our constantly improving experience of this glorious life, in this magnificent body, in this perfect time, on this delightful planet.


Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing to see and experience all the joy you can possibly stand. To Infitity And Beyond!

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