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“I wanted to change the world. 
But I have found that the only thing 
one can be sure of is changing is oneself.” 

— Aldous Huxley 

It’s really kind of interesting how we can see how things can be so much better if only the other person would make the changes we think will make all the difference. Why in the world can’t they see it? Even when I try to show them with facts and figures, along with plenty of dialogs, they proceed to do things the way they’ve been doing, or if they change, so often they are listening to the wrong people and all of it is a big mistake. Are they blind? Can’t they see the reality of the situation? Surely, they should be open to the wisdom of how to do things right or better. Why won’t they listen? I don’t get it.

Well. . . I cannot tell you how many times I have said that exact dialog or some more expressive version of it. It seems that everywhere I have worked in my life, I could see things that needed to be changed that would make a big difference and the owner or manager just didn’t seem to agree or even be much interested.

Heck, I call it swimming upstream now, and I did a serious amount of swimming upstream most of my life. Yet, everything that all of us wants is downstream. Changing the world, changing the company culture, changing others is serious work and all upstream. And, it only leads to unhappiness and loads of frustration. In some cases, it leads to quitting and leaving the company, only to begin the process somewhere else again.

Then I learned the answer to all that stress. Let it go. Let go of the tug-o-war rope. Leo Tolstoy said it well when he said, “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

We cannot change anyone. Not a company, nor the boss, the workers, our spouse, sons and daughters, no one. We can only change ourselves. If others are open to influence, or open to opportunities to change, we might influence them or guide them in some way, but it will always be they who change themselves. So, it is a total waste of time and energy to even try. Just let it go. Drop the rope.

The best thing is to accept the situation as it is without any more judgment about it. Then, get to work on doing what we do best and changing ourselves to be the best that we can be within the accepted situation where we find ourselves. If we are working for a company, then be the best employee you can be, and do all you can do within the parameters allowed. Leave the rest alone. That is not our work. Our work is ourselves alone.

Doing This, Life Will Take On A Whole New Feeling Of Confidence And Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Who needs the stress of any kind? It serves only to wake one up and that is all. Let everything go. Be not concerned. That will spread some joy.

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