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“You cannot control what happens to you, 
but you can control your attitude 
toward what happens to you, 
and in that, you will be mastering change 
rather than allowing it to master you.” 
— Brian Tracy 

[Classic post from 1-2-15]

The quote above is what I believed for most of my life: that things happen to me that I cannot control and that if I become a wise and learned soul, I will develop an attitude about those things that helps me to adapt to the change and to make the best of it.

I have all manner of books and audio programs from Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and a host of business mentors who has taught the same sort of thing. I bought it and even promoted and repeated it in training and such. And, though I am very grateful for what they have taught me, I have become a selective sifter, now taking what really resonates with me and leaving the rest. If it resonates with me, it feels good. If it feels good, it resonates. If it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t resonate, and so I let it go. 

I’ve come to believe that I control what happens to me. It’s just that more often than not I’ve been drawing things to myself without knowing this was true or paying attention. Then, seemingly all of a sudden, this thing that I don’t want happening in my life is there and I have to deal with it somehow after the fact. It’s easy to believe that things happen to us without our participation, especially things that are not wanted or not pleasant.

Then, once I see it in my life and I cannot escape the reality of it, my taught option was to change my attitude about it and then it would be okay. I do realize that how I look at something or perceive it is important, and it can soften the surprise of things happening to me without my control I suppose. Trouble is, though I tried that for many years, it never really worked for me. I would still feel like a victim, but maybe a less angry victim, or less distraught victim.

I have freed myself from this victim to victor philosophy by completely changing the first line in the quote at the top and thereby changing the entire meaning of the quote.

Since I have come to believe that I create my own environment and I can either do it deliberately or unconsciously, but I surely create it, I have now become a practicing deliberate creator. I want to be in control of and deliberately choose what happens in my life. And so by choice and being in control, I am such, and it feels good.

So, here’s the new quote for today: “I control what happens to me because I am the creator of my environment. I cannot control others because I cannot create for them. They must do that for themselves. With my choice of thought and matching vibrational resonance, I am the joyful master of my own life.”

Taking Control Of What I Create Is A Perfect And Powerful Choice. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving more and fretting less.

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