Daily Inspiration 7-14-14

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“Conflict cannot survive 
without your participation.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

Though this is the first time I’ve seen this quote, I’ve always known it to be true. It is the old tug-o-war game again and when the rope is dropped, the game is over and the one who released it is freed. Though the other may continue to rant and rave and try to make trouble, there can be no trouble without our participation. 

When there is nothing to fight over, there is no fight. If someone wants something and you give it to them without a fight, what power do they have? None.

When someone is bent on harassment, even though you let go, this is the time to allow people like Marshall B Rosenberg to help make sense with, but these are extreme cases in comparison with the daily issues we face. With most of our issues, it is just a matter of not participating in the fight, or struggle, or pity party.

Releasing Resistance Is Our Own Freedom. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your way through your day. The better you feel, the better your day.

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