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“Rank does not confer privilege or give power.
It imposes

— Peter

I was in the Air Force more than 40 years ago, I got to learn about rank and I
was at the bottom end of their ranking system. I noticed in watching and
listening to many people how their rank–or, better said, how they felt
about their rank–sooth and enhance their ego and how they would seem to be
better than the people at lower ranks. I noticed it in the enlisted ranks and
the officers too.
seemed especially true if someone didn’t achieve the next rank in the typical
timeframe and how they felt they would be in the same rank for a long time, and
maybe never move up the ranks. Lt Colonel was one of those ranks and
Tech Sergeant, or E-5 another. Some of these people had attitudes that wasn’t
pleasant to be around–at least that’s how I recall it.
had this recollection while on a walk the other day about some of those
instances where I noticed these things and it got me thinking about rank, that
idea of RHIP or rank has its privileges, the Peter Principle and all that sort
of stuff.
people get into feeling the power of their position whether it is the manager,
assistant manager, vice president, Lt Colonel, or whatever. Their ego sort of
gets loose and has some fun at the expense of others. They are said to be in a
leadership position with their rank and many do not act like a leader at
good leader, whether they are a Staff Sergeant (E-4), an officer, or an
assistant manager at a business, or the president of a corporation doesn’t act
superior to those with lesser rank because they accept their position as a
position of increased responsibility, and not so much one of authority. Though
they may have more authority, their attitude of being responsible to their group
is more important and will usually prevail.
has a job to do and the ranks have purpose to help get these things done, but
the reality is that we are all loved equally in the eyes of God and so it works
better for all of us to not be the judge by putting people on pedestals or in a
pit. If we can keep people in the perspective of how God might view us,
accepting ourselves and others equally, then rank is put in its proper
perspective, don’t you think?

“Rank Does Not Intimidate Hardware. Neither Does The Lack Of Rank.” —
Norman Ralph Augustine

Spread Some Joy Today–Love yourself as God loves you and return the favor
to those around you.
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