Daily Inspiration 7-14-11

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“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.”
— Henry Ford
“A good head and a good heart
are always a formidable combination.”
— Nelson Mandela
What a great evening. I’m so energized, loving life and joyful. What an awesome combination.
I don’t mention names very often in these daily notes, but sometimes I just have to tell it all. Tonight I spent a great evening with my partner Ryan, and a friend and client, Warren Mason who is among other things, the Director of Sales & Marketing for Harbor Truck Bodies, Inc. We spent about three hours having dinner and discussing ideas, management, business philosophy, the Internet, and more. I cannot think of two people that I would love to discuss these things more with than these two, and it is a particular pleasure to spend time with Warren hearing him talk about issues, challenges and successes because we only see him a couple times a year, though we communicate via email and phone more often.
I have such awesome respect for Warren. I was involved in hiring him when I had his position at Harbor and there isn’t anyone that could be more perfect in that position. He endearingly calls me “boss” though I’ve not worked there for several years. He is one of the smartest, coolest, persistent, and enthusiastic people I know. He teaches me something every time we meet. He taught me to love problems; to get excited about them and to enjoy how they create growth. Before Warren, I used to think that problems were a pain in the you know and only occasionally was I enlightened by them, and now I love problems too.
Warren reminds me of the Jim Rohn ant story, where ants do no matter what the obstacles are. They go toward their destination and if something gets in their way, they go around, over, under, way out of their way if they have to, but they find a way to their desired destination. They’re industrious. They think winter all summer and summer all winter so that they are ready. Warren is someone I can bet the farm on succeeding at whatever he chooses to do. I may be off on the time frame, but not on the accomplishment of the objective.
I love Warren like a brother and love to spend some time talking and listening whenever I get the opportunity. He’s one of those people that you learn from. Tonight he was making a point of something that excited him and Ryan and I both disagreed, but I loved the disagreement with Warren because it caused us to improve our argument. I don’t think we won, but it was fun and interesting and I know we made a few good points too. By the time it was over, we didn’t save the world, but maybe a minute piece of it.
So, all the way home on the 45 minute drive, I had a smile on my face, love in my heart and an overall feeling of joy. Then, I started thinking of other people I feel the same way about and that gave me even more joy.
Warren reads these Daily Inspirations so it is a joy to share with you what a special person he really is and in turn share that with him too. It is these kind of relationships that make life so much more joyful and meaningful. Thanks Warren.
I Thank God For Special Friends!
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