Daily Inspiration 7-13-11

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“A year from now, you’re gonna weigh more
or less than what you do right now.”
— Phil McGraw
“The choice is yours. You hold the tiller.
You can steer the course you choose in the
direction of where you want to be–today,
tomorrow, or in a distant time to come.”
— W Clement Stone
Looking at some quotes by Dr. Phil McGraw, I ran across the one above and I thought, wow! what a great way to look at that. I think it’s funny when something that is said is so plain and matter of fact, but the way it is said is so profound. I mean, really–of course we will weigh more or less than we do right now–except, of course, if we weighed the same, I suppose.
But, it’s not about that fact at all is it? It’s that we have the choice to do or not do as we choose. We can do something about the weight, or not depending on how we really feel about it. The choice is always our own, and what’s also interesting about that quote is that a year from now I will arrive–the question is where? Of course, I can just wait and see. . . or make a different choice. . .
It’s That Old Free Will Thing Again! What Ever Happened To Good Old Fate And My Destiny?
Spread Some Joy Today–Make a decision of something you’ve been wanting to do. Make it for a year from now. Then, break it up into pieces so it is so easy, anyone could do it. Start today.
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