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“Set your life on fire. 
Seek those who fan your flames.” 

— Rumi 

It is so easy to allow others around you, regardless of their position or relationship with you to hold you in place with them. No one really has any power over us, but we often give it away without being consciously aware of doing this.

I was thinking just the other day how temporary almost everything is. Circumstances change all the time, people come in and out of our lives, what we do in the way of work changes, and all temporary. Each leader in a company leads the company differently, and sometimes not even in a forward direction. Companies get sold, close their doors for good, and more. It is the same on the more positive side where successes are abounding and profits high, morale is perfect, the stars are all aligned. It is still all temporary.

This isn’t meant to be a downer, it is just a bit of perspective in how sometimes we expect things to remain the same when nothing ever remains the same even for a few seconds. All that we see is in constant motion, though we may not see that with our eyes.

I’m going the long way around on purpose, but because it is all temporary, there need be no worry about it. Besides, there isn’t anything we can do to change another unless they are seeking change and open to suggestion. Hence, worrying about what our parents think, our brothers and sisters, our boss, our spouse, the neighbors, the government, or any others are more than pointless, it is taking our own power away–or rather, we give it away, as it is never taken.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and for all of those around us near and far is to focus on what we want and to build the energy of that into the life we could dream of. As Rumi said so well, “Set your life on fire.” Be selfish in that. Since we cannot change others, being selfish is all you can do to change.

The second part of Rumi’s quote will often happen naturally after the decision to set our own lives on fire, and that is to, “Seek those who fan your flames.” I made this decision a very long time ago and in the last five years have multiplied that a hundredfold. I am constantly seeking those who fan my flames, help me to see more, understand more, and be more. I have many sources and learn from them all. If we will take the time and attention to reach out, the help will always be there. That old saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears,’ is absolutely true and is an amazing blessing.

Everything we need is really already inside of us. We have all the power of choice, decision, and action.

Set Your Life On Fire, And Surround Yourself With Flame Fanners! 

Spread Some Joy Today–There is no greater joy than coming alive!

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