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Special Note To CTS Daily Inspiration Readers:

First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader and thank you for all the wonderful comments that I’ve received over the last four years.

It has been suggested by many people that I create a book out of the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had mixed feelings about this. As people have continued to make the suggestion of the book, I had an idea that I think would make this an interesting and unique book. If many of you who are readers, have been touched by one or more of the inspirational messages, wrote about what inspirations inspired you, encouraged change and growth and generally how they affected you in a positive uplifting way, I would gather these into what I think would be an interesting and powerful book. If you are interested, please send them to me in an email to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com. Feel free to send as many as you like and I will keep you posted on the progress of this idea.

“Devastation is temporary.”

— Albert K Strong

I’ve lived in the Northern California area for 50 years now and I’ve seen a lot of change all around me, as well as in myself. And, the prognosis is for more of the same. Forever.

I’ve mentioned that my wife and I go on a favorite drive we call ‘over the hill’ from Fairfield into the Napa Valley, this trip winds down through Atlas Peak Canyon just before entering the Napa Valley. Some years ago, there was a devastating fire through that area and to drive through there after the fire was to drive through a surreal landscape blackened and bare exposing only the rocky under-landscape. I would have to use the word bizarre in how it appeared. Prior to this it appeared to be non-stop bushes, brush, trees and such where you could hardly see the rocky landscape at all. That was 1981.

Today (and for many years already), you would never know there was that kind of devastating fire through that area. There are some remnants if you know what to look for, but it now appears as healthy as it could possibly be.

A similar fire happened near Lake Berryessa and all that was left was some blackened burned trees that were for sure dead by looking at them. Yet today, those trees still with blackened trunks are vibrant and alive with new limbs and leaves and the brush is back to normal.

A few doors away from my house, the neighbor got out his chain saw one day and cut his big, glorious tree down to the trunk. I thought for sure that the tree would not survive. Yet, years later, it not only survived, but appears so much more healthy than it did before the drastic surgery.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said this about severe pruning: “As the gardener, by severe pruning, forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs, so should you stop off your miscellaneous activity and concentrate your force on one or a few points.” I like the line, ‘forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs.’

Devastation is temporary. Certainly in the time of the planet it is temporary. Things often survive devastation and come back healthier, more prosperous, and better than they may have been before. The only thing as powerful, or perhaps even more powerful than growth, is regrowth.

It Is Always Best To Focus On The Opportunities; The Renewal; What Is Good About This; How This Can Be Of Benefit.

Spread Some Joy Today–There can be joy in every experience as you choose to allow it to be.

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