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“There can be no great courage where
there is no confidence or
and half the battle is in
the conviction
that we can do what we

— Orison Swett

From some
brief reflection today, I was recalling how our company Upward Trend Management
Services, LLC began and where we are in the middle of our fifth year. We have
come so far and yet barely scratched the surface of what we can do. But the
thing that stood out for me was the gaining of confidence as part of the process
of trying to do something you’ve never done before.
times probably, when someone begins a business, they’ve done that work for a
time and have a good deal of experience. In my case with this business, I knew
very little about it, but believed I was willing to learn it and trust that it
would work out as I went. In the beginning, our websites were not very good.
They were not really bad, but also not very good. I’ll call them professionally
acceptable. And, here’s the key ingredient: I got better, and as we added team
members, we got better, and better, and better.
wasn’t just the people’s skills and experience improvements, it was also the
products we were using. The Internet is constantly changing, growing and
improving and so are the companies who offer products that we use in our
was a time that I might not feel comfortable building a website for a certain
client. I felt they needed something more and better than we had to offer at
that time. I wasn’t ashamed or anything like that, just not confident that we
had a good enough product for that client. It was also that we didn’t have
enough knowledge about what we were doing for that client. But, we kept getting
better and kept growing and expanding anyway.
I feel so confident about what we do that I can talk to anyone about it with
complete ease. We build a fine product, provide an excellent and useful service
and we are constantly and never-ceasing in our improvement. Our business has
grown every year substantially and all of that I attribute to keeping on with
persistence, growing expertise and confidence. Part of that is adding team
members who know better how to do certain things than I did. I know how, it’s
just that they are more qualified. That gives me even more
the inspiration for me today was realizing the confidence that comes from being
willing to try, doing with passion, and constantly improving. It was pure joy to
feel that today.

A Sincere Willingness To Learn And To Act, Or In My Case, To Act and Then
Learn, Opens Opportunities.

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