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“I’m having the time of my life!” 

— Terry Minion 

I went to a dual chamber of commerce mixer tonight and said this quote above to several people who had not seen me in some time and asked how I was doing. Some said, ‘you look so happy.’ I am. Another mentioned how positive I am and it implied that they were not, but you know, there comes a time when if being upbeat, positive, happy, excited is a desire, one needs to move toward it.

Some don’t seem to know how. I understand this totally. I used to be one of them.

Here’s a quote that may help put things in a better perspective: “There’s no point in burying a hatchet if you’re going to put up a marker on the site.” — Sydney Harris.

Some want to forgive, and may even talk about it, but they hold on in so many ways when the only real answer is to let go of it. I alluded to this in yesterday’s post.

Having been for many, many years one of those who claimed they wanted to be happy and free, and yet could not let go, I have learned what works for me and continues to work for me to be happy, excited, upbeat, joyous. I think it is the easiest way out of the doldrums and unhappiness. It is far too simple, and many want a much more complicated answer with lots of bullet points. Sorry. It is appreciation.

Yes, appreciation.

I was doing some videos with two clients a couple of days ago. I said that all they need do is to allow themselves to practice so they can get better at it. Each time they get more comfortable with the process and each video then improves over time. It is the same exact thing here. Who would expect someone who just picked up a musical instrument to play Carnegie Hall? After a good deal of practice, that might happen if they also have some talent for the task.

Everyone has a talent for appreciation, so it isn’t a matter of talent; however, it is a matter of practice. Begin to purposely find things to appreciate and speak them. At first, they may be spoken in your mind, but they also need to be spoken aloud. Find things to compliment others about. Not insincere compliments, but real ones. If you don’t see something worthy of appreciation, move to another subject.

Start with nature. Start with the blue sky, the land, the stars at night, the moon, you name it. Then, things around you. Find things to be thankful for around you. Your comfortable bed, how wonderful the covers feel in the morning, your special pillow, the smell of bacon cooking, the sun coming up in the morning. Then expand on that, by finding things to compliment yourself about. Stand naked in the mirror and thank God or the Universe for such a wonderful and useful appliance as this great body. Be thankful for your capacity, your wisdom, your voice, your skills, your vision.

After a time, perhaps months, or even years, you will find yourself constantly finding things to appreciate. I think that this is what the apostle Paul meant when he said to pray without ceasing.

At each level, your joy will increase in quantity and quality. I find now that I am in joy almost all the time. This is how I can say that I am having the time of my life. It is because I am and the joy is the manifestation of that.

If you want to have this, it is simple. Just practice it and expand it and keep on with it and you will improve every single day. Never fear–there is no end to the potential for more joy.

There Is A Payoff To Feeling Bad, And That Is Why There Is A Lot Of It, But The Payoff For Feeling Good Is Off The Chart In Comparison. 

Spread Some Joy Today–It is not up to God or anyone else. It is solely up to you. Choose joy.

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