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“Unwanted moments are really

the only way to discover the truth

about our present unseen limitations.”

— Guy Finley

Icarus is known to have said, “all limitations are self-imposed.” The more I am willing to consider this, the more it makes sense in my life. Guy Finley’s quote above is enlightening in how we can see when we are limiting ourselves, because I think for the most part, we don’t usually realize that we are doing that.

One of the ways that we might relate to this is the idea of money and how so many of us want more of it, have need of it and so on. As I consider that idea and how I might limit myself, it takes me back to my earliest training about there never being enough when I was so young and the struggle that my parents went through trying to provide. It also takes me to the training that they and others gave about how money is ‘made.’ In fact, the whole idea that I have to ‘make money’ or ‘earn money’ is in itself a limitation.

A good way to help change our thinking on that is to imagine all the different ways that money could come to us and through us. It might also be helpful to think of how there is an abundance of money and that it flows in such a way as there not really being a need to store it up for those ‘tough times’ or ‘rainy days’ as they said when I was a kid.

Now it probably makes more sense how we limit ourselves about money. We might think we need to do a certain thing, use a certain skill set, climb the corporate ladder, get the promotion, and such. We may even have limitations as to the amount of money that is possible to earn in what we do and that the only hope for much more is from the state lottery.

It seems clear that as long as we limit ourselves about money in these ways that we cannot find the abundance that could be received. In fact, a good way to think about money probably is to think of receiving rather than earning or making it.

Of course, money is only one subject on how we limit ourselves. Maybe we are looking for the right mate and have lots of self-imposed limitations about how that can be done. Or anything else we would like to have in our lives. In fact the word ‘how’ or the idea of the way whatever we may want coming to us is severely limiting, wouldn’t you agree?

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