Daily Inspiration 7-10-19

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“Can you see the holiness
in those things you take for granted–
a paved road or a washing machine?
If you concentrate on finding
what is ‘good’ in every situation,
you will discover that your life
will suddenly be filled with gratitude,
a feeling that nurtures the soul.”
— Rabbi Harold Kushner
I’ve become such a grateful person in the last five years or so and I never stop finding things that I can be grateful for instead of taking them for granted.
Trash day at my house is celebrated. I am incredibly grateful for trash being picked up at my house and they even supply the containers to put it in. What an amazing service. When I get the bill each month that is so stupid cheap for such a wonderful service, I just want to give them a huge tip! What a bargain and what a convenience. Think about what it might be like without that service.

How about the light switch bringing light to a dark room? How about turning the faucet and out comes clean water to drink or cook with? So many simple things that many in this world still do not have available to them. Celebrate them all!

Gratitude is a practice and there is no better place to practice than the commonplace things that we have come to know so well that we no longer think about them unless they are broken. With that practice, who knows what you could be grateful for!

Get Your List Going And You’ll See What I Mean.
Spread Some Joy Today–Once you begin with gratitude, you may find that you can choose to be grateful for things that used to drive you crazy. That’s a life-changing turn of events.
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