Daily Inspiration 7-1-11

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“We struggle with the complexities
and avoid the simplicities.”
— Norman Vincent Peale
What if no matter what it looks like at the moment, that everything is working out perfectly? If that were true, how would that change my thoughts and feelings about what is going on while it is going on?
I am just beginning to explore the possibility that everything is operating perfectly. It’s not an easy thought because we seem to be trained to see outside events, situations, other people potentially influencing us in a way we may not like. Some call it the government, taxes, the boss, and more. But, what if all that was working perfectly?
As I said, I’m in the beginning stages of accepting this concept, but it sure is looking like things are working that way when I simply watch and accept that it is. I’ve been noticing that in many cases what looked like a problem, a setback, a curve ball, turns out to be just the thing that was needed in order to expose some other situation so that it gets solved so that forward movement can again resume. It’s actually kind of exciting to think about it this way, and it also takes all the heat out of it. In other words, what is there to worry or be concerned about? This is all happening for a reason and that reason will be visible any minute now. . .
The value of this exercise is that I am beginning to look at problems differently and I am beginning to have even more confidence and assurance. It all becomes easier and even more fulfilling.
What if everything always worked out perfectly?
It’s Great To Ask Questions! What If Is A Great One.
Spread Some Joy Today–What if you had to wait for someone to decide to give you some joy? What if it were all given out by the time you got to the giver? It would be a bummer. . . but, the good news is that we have 100% total control over our joy.
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