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“Daily Republic seeks good news for column. . . 
Do you have some good news? 
If so, the Daily Republic would like to
include it in a column that runs on Saturday. . . 
Include your name and phone number 
and put “Good News” in the subject line.” 

— Non-Graphic Ad in the Daily Republic newspaper, 
Fairfield CA 

We’re way beyond being accustomed to the definition of news as being what went wrong today, or what tragedy happened and so on. So, I looked up the definition of news, and here it is: “Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.” I don’t see anything about negative or what is wrong in there, but you know that whenever you pick up a paper, check the Internet, or hear people talk and it is about negative news.

So, I found this quote above actually in the newspaper and I started laughing when I saw it. You will never see an ad like that looking for tragedies, problems, and general ills and tribulations. No, they don’t need to request that because of its being in all of their newsfeeds upstream, and from national sources, etc. But, good news? Geez, we gotta run an ad to find some. How sad. Just go out and talk to some people, or some businesses and ask them what is going well for them. That’s pretty easy. Or not.

It might make someone think that this is a negative world and all there is nothing but problems. And, of course, there might be some who would agree with that. It is easier to see that if all we did was pay attention to the news from whatever source. Yet, the world is also very, very positive. There are 100,000 more positive things going on to every 1 negative thing, and so the negative thing stands out. It makes sense. We just have to realize that all the media have accepted their own reporting and now that is all they see.

We Know Different, Don’t We? Just Count Your Blessings And You Will See. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by counting those blessings. One, two, three, four, fifteen, thirty, sixty-seven. . .

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