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“We all have the power to direct our minds

to replace the feelings of being upset, depressed,

and fearful with the feeling of inner peace.”

— Gerald G Jamposlsky

from Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

I have read much about enlightenment. To keep it incredibly simple, I think of this in three steps. Step one is Awareness. We need to be aware of other possibilities and also have a desire to become more aware. Step two is Integration. We need to practice, experiment, play with it, experience the journey so to speak, and three would be Enlightenment or practicing love master.

I am amazed at the length of time I am in awareness and integration. My awareness tells me, sometimes daily, hourly, or minute by minute, that I need to concentrate seriously, but playfully on integration, or putting it to practice in my life.

I want to do this through response, but it is my reactions that cause me to take a few steps back and try again with more sincerity. I’ll give you a real life example. Yesterday, something came up and we were being attacked, or at least that’s how it felt, by someone who wanted to restate the problem over and over and convince us of the blame we should feel and so on. Because we put love into almost everything we do in our company, it was hard to hear and our immediate reaction was one of defense and counter attack.

Fortunately, there was a time space that allowed our awareness and willingness to integrate to prevail. My mother used to teach me that space when I was very small. She would always say to count to ten before responding. Of course, it was amazing how fast I could count sometimes if I even used her advice. It seems natural for us to react and we see it 24/7 on CNN and other news shows.

I’ll add a bit more from the extremely wise Gerald Jampolsky. After the quote above, he went on to say in his book, “I am tempted to believe that I am upset because of what other people do or because of circumstances and events that seem beyond my control. I may experience being upset as some form of anger, jealousy, resentment, or depression. Actually, all of these feelings represent some form of fear that I am experiencing. When I recognize that I always have the choice between being fearful or experiencing Love by extending Love to others, I need no longer be upset for any reason.”

The Only Power In Reaction Is Fear And Chaos. I So Prefer The Real Power Of Choosing A Response Of Love.

Spread Some Joy Today–How important is any issue compared to love?

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