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“You learn from error,
but not from blaming the self.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Truth

[Classic post from 6-22-17]

Since beginning these Daily Inspirations, I have focused on sharing what I’ve been learning, new insights realized, and often how it has changed me or my thinking, and more often than not, my heart. Onward.

The quote I gleaned above shook me with its power of clarity. He added after this part that if we burn our finger on a hot pan, we most likely learn to not do that again, but we don’t chastise ourselves for the rest of our lives in regret by blaming ourselves for our error. We move on. We learn.

Yet, how often do we hold on to something from long ago and carry regrets with us far into the future for things that have no meaning now?

Just before the quote above, there is another enlightenment to glean:

“Every time you claim yourself as inferior to another, you are lying. Every time you condemn yourself for what you have done or could do, or believe what you think is wrong about you, you are lying.”

Putting this into more clarity, he continues, “Anything that was done or expressed by you at any time was simply how you knew yourself and the expression of you as an active being in consort with your needs–or perhaps your fears, yes–at the time. But they were just what they were, things done. They were not who you are.”

How do we heal the past? We have to reframe it–see it differently. We need to let go of the rope were tugging on keeping that regret alive and active. We need to see that this was just what was then based on all manner of things in and around our lives, but it is not who we are. It may have been who we were at that moment, but we are in a constant state of flux in our lives, and we are constantly learning as we go.

Sure, we repeat mistakes sometimes. So what? We get stinking thinking sometimes. So what? We often may sting others when all we really want to do is caress. So what? It is what it is. It was what it was. There is only one time that we can do anything about anything and that is at this moment.

And we start by telling the truth about ourselves. We are not inferior to anyone. Nor is anyone else inferior to us. We are all divine creatures from the same Source Energy on different paths here spinning and toiling as we choose on an experiential adventure. We are. We simply are.

Celebrate Your Divine Spirit. Celebrate Your Human Adventure. Love All As You Love Yourself. 

Spread Some Joy Today–As Paul’s dead mother came to him in a dream said to him in his despair: Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let it be. (Thanks, Paul McCartney!)

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