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“I respect your opinion 
of my work." 
— Scott Ginsberg 

There it is. It has been on the deposit receipt for years, and this morning as three of these are on the top of my desk waiting to be filed, I see it: “Your opinion counts." Below that, in a much smaller type is a request to give the bank feedback in an online survey. So, my mind sort of took off with that bit of dribble. . .

“Hello, I registered my opinion online, but I don’t see the results of it anywhere. Can you direct me so that I can actually see that my opinion matters and that, as you say, “my opinion counts"? After all, I took the time to give it to you, and the least you can do is to show me how it counts, don’t you think?"

On the other end, I hear what sounds like a recorded voice saying, “I’m sorry, sir, but your opinion has expired. We appreciated your opinion, but it is no longer valid. The time has run out. Please feel free to share your opinion with us again, because, as we always say, your opinion counts."

What? My opinion has expired? My opinion timed out? My opinion is no longer valid? What’s up with that?

So, you can see how my mind works sometimes. It just goes off and has a bit of fun here and there, and I get to go along for the ride. Then, it hit me! What an interesting concept: Opinions that expire, time out, and are no longer valid. How interesting is that to contemplate. Well, maybe just for me. . . 

Go with me for just a little longer if you’ve got nothing else to do. Besides, it’s Wednesday. Hump day. It’s downhill to the weekend, and it’s in our sight. . .

You have an opinion. You share it with someone in some sort of way. They accept it. The opinion has landed. Perhaps, you are volleying with another, who gives you their opinion. You take it. Hmmm. You consider it. There it is. Which causes you to share another opinion about their opinion. After all, there are the finer points to be considered. Back and forth. Back and forth the opinions go. Served and returned.

Then the other says, “I’m sorry, but your previous opinion has expired and is no longer valid." And you go, “what do you mean? My opinion can’t expire. It’s been served and I thought it was a very good opinion. How can it no longer be valid, unless I take it back? You have no authority to invalidate my opinion! Only I have the authority to invalidate my opinion. Just as you can only invalidate your opinion. What would you think if I arbitrarily invalidated your opinion? You’d be pissed, to say the least. Now take it back. Take back your arbitrary invalidation of my opinion!"

I’ve had this quote by Scott Ginsberg above on my desk for a few weeks, “I respect your opinion of my work." The context that he gave this was around the idea of people being critical of us and this was a grand response. It works well. But, I think it says so much more in a broader sense. Let’s use it this way: I respect your opinion. I mean, after all, we all have them–even millions of them. And, it seems to be a given to respect our own opinion. We serve, and then we serve and then we serve and, well, it’s out there. But, many times, we kind of let the opinions of others expire. We may even invalidate them. Dis them. But, if we mean to have anyone else respect our opinion, it is only fair and honorable that we respect theirs. It is a loving thing to do.

Your Opinion Counts. I Respect Your Opinion. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing others to have their say while allowing yourself to have yours. There is joy in there somewhere, and it is worth sharing.

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