Daily Inspiration 6-7-19

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“We might consider more often
celebrating the obvious.”
— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 6-21-17]

It’s so easy to ignore the obvious, the common, the familiar, when there is so much to celebrate and to do this often helps keep more of our blessings in view, recognized, and appreciated.

Today, I am celebrating clean drinking water. It comes to my house. I just paid the bill for the month of its use to the city and it is what I have to call a stupid bargain. A pittance. It is almost insignificant in the scheme of monthly expenses, and yet it is something I cannot live without. Literally.

Not so long ago, we had to go to the well, or a stream, or other place and bring water home. Who knew if it were clean or not, so boiling it was required. Not in my lifetime, no, but not so long ago. In fact, today, there are millions of people on the planet who do not have clean drinking water in quantity and it is certainly not delivered to their home. They might walk miles to get it in buckets bringing it home by physical labor.

I go to my faucet, lift it up or turn the handle and out comes clean drinking water. I turn on the shower and I wash in clean water. I water the plants and bushes around my house. I use it for cooking. It is always there. And, it costs almost nothing in comparison to other things in my life that have far less value.

Celebrate The Obvious! Celebrate Your Blessings.

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing how blessed you truly are.

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