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“One of the most important things you can do

is embrace your humanity. Connect with those

around you today. Say ‘I love you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’

‘I appreciate you,’ ‘I’m proud of you,’

whatever you’re feeling. Send random texts,

write a cute note, embrace your truth

and share it.

Cause a smile today

for someone else,

and give plenty of hugs.”

— Steve Maraboli

This is the first time I’ve seen this quote, yet this is something I consciously decided to do in my life several years ago. I do these things all the time now and I know that some of those on the receiving end don’t know quite what to think because it isn’t ‘normal behavior.’ I don’t care.

At first when I began it, it was awkward for me because it was so out of normal behavior from what I had learned, but I just kept doing it. After a short time, it mattered not what people did in the way of response. It only mattered that I said what I was feeling.

This behavior was really abnormal in business circles, yet I ignored that there was a difference between personal and business. In fact, I’ve told so many customers that I love them, it has become a new normal for me. Of course, it should go without saying that I mean these statements whenever I make them. I really do feel that way.

What I’ve also noticed in the practice of this is that it only matters truly how I feel about me doing this and it doesn’t really matter at all whether there is a response from the receiving party. I guess you could say it this way: I do it for me and not for them, although it is a given that many, if not all of them benefit.

I highly recommend you trying it yourself. So what if it doesn’t come back. That isn’t the issue. It is the expression of your feelings that matter in the end.

The Bigger Benefit Is What YOU Become In The Process.

Spread Some Joy Today–Absolutely! It is an idea worth spreading!

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