Daily Inspiration 6-6-14

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“Listening to both sides of a story 
will convince you that there is more 
to a story than both sides.” 

— Frank Tyger 

We are conditioned during childhood to believe that there is only one reality, and that is not even close to what is true. One person’s reality is the reality to them, and another person’s reality is real for them, and there can be a reality that is real for every single person on the planet. They are all real to them.

I bring this up for two reasons. One is to point out that everyone has their own reality and they are all real to them. And two, to suggest that if we were to have flexibility in the belief of our reality–just enough to allow us to see other realities–this would go far in allowing us to come together, and work together.

It is easy for us to be judgmental of others because their reality doesn’t match our own. Though we may find some who we think do share our reality, it is more likely that we just share some values. This is a good way to come together, but we will never really know the other person’s reality completely, yet finding some commonalities is a really good start.

This Is How Enemies Can Become Friends. 

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