Daily Inspiration 6-6-13

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“Is there a difference between

happiness and inner peace?

Yes. Happiness depends on

conditions perceived as positive;

inner peace does not.”

— Eckhart Tolle

It took me a while to get this deeply. I realized as it is stated that happiness requires positive circumstances. Indeed, that is what happiness is described as when people express that word. Yet, inner peace is more like letting go of resistance, or letting go of the rope. It is more like allowing and acceptance. It is more like The Beatles song, Let It Be. In other words, it is okay this way and okay that way and there is not necessarily a preference.

As I think about applying all of that in daily living, doing business and so on, I see that inner peace has much more power and significance than happiness, just as it would spiritually. It is so much more powerful to allow things to be whatever they are and go from there than to expect that they be a certain way in order to feel good.

Inner Peace As A Singular Goal Would Be All Inclusive.

Spread Some Joy Today–Smile and let go. Let go and smile. Either works. It’s the letting go part that works.

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