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“Self-motivation is the only motivation
that works.”

— Albert K

you’ve heard phrases like these: “she’s just not self-motivated,” or “things
would get better from him if he were only more self-motivated,” and such. I used
to say them myself and used to look at myself for my missing self-motivation.
I now
think we have it all mixed up. I now believe that every person on the planet is
self-motivated and none of it is missing. It has always been this way and always
will be this way. We are all self-motivated.
people mean with the phrases quoted above has nothing to do with
self-motivation, what they mean is discipline. She may not be disciplined to do
the thing you think she should do in the time frame and manner that you think it
should be done. He is perhaps without the discipline to create a better life as
you think he should conform or respond to.
can see by this that those comments about self-motivation are judgements and
opinion based on the mindset of the observer.
been a sales manager for over 40 years, I know from my personal experience that
everyone is self-motivated and that most of those that I worked with, if not
all, could do better if they chose to do so, and of course, this decision and
the discipline to see it through is 100% their responsibility. I can do nothing
but encourage.
up in sales and sales management, I’ve seen a lot of managers who try to
motivate people. Many chose to prod, cajole, harass, and even make fun of people
to try to achieve that objective. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I’ve
never seen that be beneficial to any organization.
is only one way in my mind to assist a positive change and that is through
praise and encouragement. Since all motivation is self directed, it will never
be up to the manager to “make” anything happen. At best, he or she can only
encourage and allow. The rest and all is up to the person doing the job. Will
they respond with creative energy, or will they choose otherwise?
my own path. I can only be self-motivated. The question might be what am I
motivated to do or not do? That is all up to me; however, just as my sales
people were when I was doing that, I respond favorable to encouragement,
upliftment, praise, love, thoughtfulness, caring, and even gifts.

How About You? Anyone Encouraging Your

Spread Some Joy Today–Remember this lyric: where never is heard a
discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day. Doesn’t that sound
pleasant–especially the lack of discouraging words. Be that for
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