Daily Inspiration 6-5-13

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“Be kind,

for everyone you meet

is fighting a harder battle.”

— Plato

Well, some are fighting and some are just dealing with it, but I certainly agree that we all have issues that we deal with that others have no idea about.

I was thinking about the interesting and sometimes exhausting things going on in my life and how it isn’t something I talk about generally. The reason for that is twofold: One, it doesn’t really help me much to talk about it. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily cause me to feel any better. To me, hearing myself talk of it, it sounds as if I’m feeling sorry for myself, and I really have no need of sympathy. And two, I realize that others have their own issues and don’t really need any more.

At the same time, it helps to discuss things a little, in so much as I don’t become a pot boiling over. One way to do this so it helps and doesn’t hinder is to write out my thoughts and feelings as if in a sort of diary. There need not be any time commitment to the task, save whenever I feel the need, and that is sufficient. It does the job nicely.

I started this to discuss the idea of compassion. To me, compassion is unconditional love outwardly expressed and focused on another. It is a deep caring. It is kindness. Compassion isn’t accepting others burdens, but instead honoring them. It is giving understanding though we may not consciously understand because deep down inside, we instantly relate to one another as if we are all one. Compassion is letting go of the idea of separateness.

As we deal with potential clients, existing customers, teachers and students, bosses and employees, family members, and total strangers, it is so powerful to offer kindness first. It is powerful because each of us has issues that we are unaware of. Some of those could be considered burdens to them. Kindness is that simple and love-filled tool that cuts through the surface of things thereby allowing our compassion to be seen and felt.

Whatever We Say Or Do, Let It Begin With Kindness.

Spread Some Joy Today–There is nothing better than love. There is no reason on earth not to share the never-ending resource with others.

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