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“Beautiful are those
whose brokenness gives birth
to transformation and wisdom.”

— John Mark Green

[Classic post from 8-3-17]

Love this quote. It doesn’t mean that those beautiful ones are special as in better than any other, it simply points to the flexibility and the willingness to change, to grow, to become, to expand.

I don’t imagine that butterflies struggle to become butterflies, which is something so much different than what they were. I think that they simply are that, it is fully accepted, and look what comes of that. We need not struggle either; albeit, we often have done so.

This morning I was looking at some of the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles, and on Day 8, the title of that lesson is this: My Mind Is Preoccupied With Past Thoughts. Then Day 9 is this: I See Nothing As It Is Now.

I’ve learned a new, broader perspective of just how pervasive the past is in all of us. It rules us more often than not. A good way to see this is to consider it as a historical perspective, and more appropriately, historical agreements. We have accepted training from our parents, peers, school, media, and all that is technically outside of us, and we bring it inside of us in that acceptance of “what is.”

To move beyond this historical acceptance, we may need to become broken. That doesn’t mean that we need to struggle. Being broken can be such a wonderful thing because in so doing we break through those barriers of historical agreements like a chick breaking out of its egg to see life from a different, and most often enlightened perspective.

Without the brokenness, we remain in the egg so to speak. As we are willing to change, we are invited to break some of those false barriers that we have accepted and expand our world accordingly.

It reminds me of holding on to a tetherball and as it goes round and round, tighter and closer to the pole, and then away again, we are never any further away from that pole than the length of the rope attached to it and the ball we hold on to.

What If We Simply Let Go? 

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